OPA has set up an inspection center with fullest inspection machine including MTS performance test machine, durability test machine , salt spray test machine, high & low temperature test machine, rubber ultraviolet rays test machine, rubber strength test machine, roughness tester, hardness tester, physicochemical properties tester and so on.. "Continuously improve the process, ensure products quality; constantly develop and innovate, satisfy the customer's requirement;strengthen service awareness, transcend the customers' expectations " is the quality policy of our company. we will be driven under this guideto continuously improve quality system construction. OPA has been granted ISO9001 International Quality System Certification in 2000 and updated the IATF 16949 international quality system in 2008.OPA has also been achieved off-site audit in 2010.The advanced inspection equipment and testing process with the tight quality management system ensure the effective supervision of the products' quality activities in the whole production process and the stable quality of the batch production."Quality comes frommanufacturing" is engraved on our minds.
    Low carbon environmental protection career
    As a responsible enterprise,
    We fulfill our low carbon environmental mission and encourage our employees to actively participate in this effort.

    To realize the sustainable operation

    Our strategy is to maximize the ecological benefit in every stage of the business operation. We measure the environmental performance of business units and individuals, in order to foster the corporate culture of sustainable operation.

    To make production clearer

    We initiatively adopt cleaner production process of production cycle, which hereinto includes reducing the use of raw materials and reducing the waste generation. At the same time, We asked our partners to do the same.

    Green procurement

    We are the leader of green procurement method. We have high purchasing efficiency, reusable building materials, lighting equipment and computers, etc.

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